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What is RO Membrane?

Water is what defines the essence of one’s life. But, the main problem in today’s age is the lack of clean and pure drinking water. According to the World Economic Forum, water crisis is the number 1 global risk based on impact on society. It is also quite alarming that there are more than 663 million people, 1 in 3, who lack access to clean water. However, with the way things are changing, there are several ways in which the dream of clean water can become a reality.

A Membrane is made up of thin sheets of synthetic plastic material that have fine holes or pores in it. The size of pores varies for different types of water purification membranes. One can classify the types of membranes used to purify water on the/ basis of their pore size. Reverse osmosis is one of the most common and effective water treatment systems. The chief filtering media in these systems is an RO membrane. Reverse Osmosis membranes have the smallest pore size of about 0.0005 microns which is just a bit larger than the size of a water molecule and smaller than that of a Sodium Chloride Molecule of 0.0007 microns. When the reverse osmosis of water takes place the feed water flows through one end of the RO membrane. The pressured water flows through the membrane and reaches the core, while the dissolved minerals remain on the feed side. The water that flows through the membrane is called “permeate” and it is now safe to drink. The pores in the RO membrane are small enough to restrict organic compounds such as minerals and salt but lets the water molecules to pass through it. Reverse osmosis membranes also obstruct the disease-causing pathogens and bacteria from water. We at Hitech Membranes have been manufacturing and supplying Industrial as well as Commercial RO Membrane since 1995. The RO Membranes from Hi-Tech are certified which makes our membranes the word for quality. We have specialist engineers to design the RO membranes for any process and any industry. Depending on your application, we offer a variety of reverse osmosis membranes that exhibit consistent performance and lifespan characteristics best suited for seawater desalination, brackish water, and high flow commercial applications. If you need any assistance in finding your RO membrane, let us know.


  • Removes dissolved salts
  • Less fouling, Less frequency cleaning and More consistent
  • Energy-saving separation technique
  • Utilizable as a concentration and recovery method
  • Compact equipment
  • Simple operation and control
  • Improves the taste of water
  • Longer shelf life


  • Desalination of brackish water
  • Desalination of seawater
  • Production of ultrapure water
  • Wastewater treatment

RO Elements

Hi-Tech Membranes ES-1812-50 , ES-1812-75 , ES 2012-100 Elements for home drinking water treatment units produce 50 GPD (7.9 L/h) , 75GPD (11.85 L/h ) and 100GPD (15.8 L/h ) of permeate with 98% stabilized salt rejection at standard test conditions .Our membranes are the best fit for the replacement of your old RO membrane element may it be any brand. Hitech RO membrane has been tested on a different parameter for safe use in drinking water applications. These dry membrane elements have the longer shelf life and are convenient for shipping and handling.

Domestic RO Membrane
Commercial RO Membrane

Commercial RO Elements

Commercial RO Membrane elements have shown highest growth in terms of market demand since few years. Our elements ES-3012-300, ES-3013-400, BW30-2540 and BW30-4025 have proved best fits for Water Vending Machines, Light Commercial Applications, and Small RO modules providing higher flux making it the best choice. These dry elements have proven consistent performance even in long dry runs and are certified with International standards.

Industrial RO Elements

Hi-tech Membranes use cutting edge robotic technology for manufacturing trusted range of recognised flat-sheet industrial ro membrane elements. BW30-4040, ES4040 , BW 400 are our bestsellers from our industrial range and have a proven track record for its consistent high permeate recovery , greater flux ratio and high rejection even at high TDS as high as 2500 ppm . They also are designed to sustain greater pressure drops with our latest sheets and have high active surface areas to provide better productivity.

Industrial RO Membane
RO Membrane

Why to choose Hitech RO Membranes?

Hi-Tech Membranes, manufacturers of RO Membranes have 21 years of service excellence, and serve as an embodiment of the words “streamlined process” because its RO Membranes are successful in removing impurities which in one way or the other are life-threatening.

As the talk about the future of our wonderful planet has started gaining more steam, it is important for us, as a society, a collective bunch of thinking minds, to come together and propagate the need for clean drinking water. There are several ways one can get clean water, but the Hi-Tech RO membrane is the sure shot solution of reducing the cost involved with water purifying and helping dozens and dozens of people quench their thirst of clean, drinkable water.


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