Things to consider before buying a Water Filter

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At present, there are ample of water filters available in the market and all ensure to deliver the best quality of water. Nevertheless, what you need to understand is that all water filters come with varying technical specifications and have some basic requirements. Factors like water pressure, water quality, and the active area will help you decide which one will work the best for your needs. But if you are still uncertain, this blog will guide you which water filter you should rely on to get quality water for diverse applications.

Now, before we dig deep into which Water Filter Dealer will fulfil your water purification needs it is necessary to learn what type of impurities are commonly found in your drinking water. Once you know what your water holds you can decide which water filter dealer you can rely on to cater your water filter requirements.

Different Types of Impurities Commonly Found in Drinking Water


Does your water come from rivers and lakes that have been supplied to you by the municipality or is it groundwater from the borewells, supplied by tankers?

The kind of impurities found in the drinking water largely depends on the origin and dispersal means of the water. The water we drink generally appears from lakes, rivers, bore wells, harvested rainwater, piped municipal corporation supply, water tankers etc. The quality of water, hardness and the level of impurities like toxic pollutants, substances and organic impurities like bacteria and microorganisms, majorly depends on the source of water.

Comparing the sources, water from rivers, lakes, rivers, and stored rainwater will have lower Total Dissolved Solids as compared to water from bore wells. Groundwater usually has high TDS and may also carry deadly chemical impurities like lead and arsenic. Whereas the water supply from pipes or the water stored in tanks is frequently more inclined to organic contamination if the pipelines are damaged or the storage tanks are not cleaned periodically. Consuming water with high TDS for a long time can result in excess mineral agglomeration that causes strain on kidneys further leading to kidney stone which is a critical health issue.

As a thumb rule, no matter what the source of water is, you should check the levels of TDS with a simple TDS meter.  If the TDS is lower than 500 ppm, then a UV purifier will be efficient in filtering the water. If the level of TDS is above 500 ppm, then relying on a water filter dealer for a good RO water purifier may be beneficial. Reverse Osmosis (RO) makes use of membrane separation technology in which the water is allowed to go through a semipermeable membrane under high pressure. This process filters water with excess TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), chemical contaminants like Nitrate, Fluoride, Arsenic and other heavy metals from water to make it safe for drinking. With RO you get 20-30% of permeate recovery while 70-80% of water with impurities is rejected as wastewater. 

RO cannot be globally accepted for all water types due to the varying quality of water from different sources. Because RO operates on very small pore-size membranes separating out dissolved chemical contaminants, it is essential to rely on an RO membrane water filter distributor that gives you benefits and exceeds all the limitations.

Which water treatment dealer should you trust?

With the water-borne diseases increasing considerably, people are understanding the significance of using clean drinking water. This resulted in more and more people investing in water filters. There are a plenty of options available in the market today but there are some things that you need to analyze before buying a water filter. You should make sure that you choose the right product according to your needs to keep your family healthy. Serving the right filter for the right application has always been the motto of Hitech. The reason why Hitech is strongly recommended is that it suggests the right model of water purifier based on the quality of the water. Water filters that we make are built using advanced technologies and have its own set of benefits. If you too want to avail these benefits then what are you waiting for. Contact us now!

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