How to choose your Water Purification System?

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What is Water Purification System? And how it is useful for our life?


Water is very useful for our life and it should be clean and drinkable for us. Now a day we all know that pollution, bio-waste, chemical affect humans. They make a path to the human body through water. Water is human’s daily need and if water becomes dirty or polluted then it is very dangerous to people’s life. So that We need to purify water for drinking. The main purpose of water purification system is to remove biological sludge, unnecessary chemicals, wasted solids and also undesirable gases. Water Purification system is not used for only drinking water, there are many other uses for that like it is useful in the medical area, chemical industry, pharmacological labs and many other industries.

The basic water purification is filtration. it is called the first step of water purification. Others processes like distillation, sedimentation then biological process, carbon chemical process are also included. There is an electromagnetic process which is called ultraviolet light radiation included in the water purification system. After filtration, if anyone wants high purification than they can go through a chemical process called Reverse Osmosis, and also go through any biological process. It purifies bacteria, algae, virus, fungi, and concentration of particular matter.

Consider the Reverse Osmosis(RO) Plant and go brief on that:


Parts and how it works: –

RO the name defines its process, it performs reverse osmosis to purify water. Mainly all water plants have an issue of energy consumption reduction, energy sources usages, waste management and improvisation. RO system has fewer issues than all plants. Reverse osmosis is used in all self-sufficient plants.

Reverse Osmosis working: –
When we consider Osmosis, then it passes molecules through a semi-permeable membrane and makes more concentrated solution with the less concentrated solution. Reverse osmosis is exactly opposite of Osmosis process. An image which explains RO is given Below:

RO Plant is working in stages, as per its parts:
• RO Part- 1
The first stage is for removing dirt and filtering. It removes physical parts like sand dirt etc. For that in RO plant, we have one filter bucket and in that, we have one filter which filters physical parts.
• RO Part-2
The second stage is carbon filtration and it helps to reduce chlorine. organic and smell, too. It is also called granular filter. For this filtration we have one filter called carbon filter, in this carbon is placed in the filter and it consumes all organic contaminants coming from impure water.
• RO Part-3
Then we have one semi-permeable membrane, it is called reverse osmosis membrane. It removes salt, bacteria, bad mineral and heavy metals.
• RO Part-4
Last part is the anti-bacterium filter, which is used for improving the taste of any type of water.

How to choose your best Water Filter System?


Every people want the cleanest and safest drinking water in their life. There are many different types of purification system, from them which one is best for you? Choosing any water filter system is depends on your family needs, but a mix of technologies a and provide maximum safety is the best system you need.

Parameters you should consider to select best water filter system.


1.Test Quality
First of all, you need to test your incoming water quality. On the base of that, you have to choose your water filter system. If you don’t have so much dirty water, then go for only filtration or purification process, if it is at mediate level then go for RO system and if it is full of waste then go for RO+UV+TDS system.

2.Check Filter’s Quality
The major load of purifying water is on a filter, so you should check filter’s capacity to absorb and remove particles. They are filled with a different medium such as activated charcoal. Sometimes filters are blocked and then water filter system can’t purify water with good efficiency. Even Consider the cost of the filter because the filter is one part which you have to change in some interval. So if it is very costly then your water filter system is costly.

3. Family need water amount
Every Water filter system has its own storage capacity, so after considering your family size and need of water, decide which system is best for your family.
So, after considering these all basic parameters, choose your water filter system. (This is content which is written to image)
Health is wealth, and if you use your wealth in health then it is the best way !!
Drink safe and clean water to improve or sustain your health!
Water purifying system is helping you to drink the cleanest water.
Now a day, people become aware of the health, and they want safe drinking water. Whether they are traveling or in public area, etc. So government provides water vending machine on public transport.

What is the Water Vending machine?


Water vending machine is also called a water ATM. As the name implies money goes into the machine in return for water. There is also smart card system on this machine which is owned and operated by private companies. In India, the basic objective of the water vending machine is to provide the cleanest and safest water to the poor at a low cost. Mineral and RO water is costly for poor people as they can’t afford packaged plastic water bottle.


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