Company overview

Company Overview

Since its inception in 1995, Hi-Tech has always wished for the wellness of people. With global footprints already marked within a span of decade, we grew stronger and larger organically within our stakeholders and the ability to maintain the became inclined towards maintaining the ability to provide a right product-price mix.
Hi-Tech’s Domestic, Commercial and Industrial range of membranes accredited by CE certification prove us worthy of trust and a product you can rely on. With consecutive awards from The Water Digest Water Awards – Best Membrane 2014-2015, 2015-2016, supported by UNESCO along with Best Membrane Technology Award, Dubai 2015, our range of products are proven prudent enough
With a strong network of knowledgeable associates, Hi–Tech has efficiently kept its hold in countries like Thailand, China, UAE, and USA. Pertaining to the interests of customer, the company has always shaped its work methodology to deliver favourable results. Affordable pricing, accurate use of resources and making promises come true, has made Hi-Tech receive laurels not only from its customers or clients but also from the higher authorities of the country.
Our latest Thailand production unit has been equipped with robotic controlled machines requiring no human touch, resulting in accurate manufacturing of fine-blanking membranes to meet the global demand.
We are growing stronger year-on-year by widening our footprints globally. Hi-Tech believes in strengthening their network of associates to deliver qualitative and state-of-the-art membrane technology.

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